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About Us (PBL) is an independent league set up by online poker players that enjoy playing poker and wish to improve their skills.  While the league is a free league, we do want our membership to take the tournament games seriously.  There are already many play money tournaments and sit n goes where people can just see if they can get lucky with their hands and that is not the type of play that we wish to encourage at our tournaments.


The league runs daily tournaments at True Poker with points standings being kept for our Elite Member Tournaments and our Regular Tournaments in which both Regular and Elite Members can play.  The software to run True Poker can be downloaded from our main page.


Our league is run by a group of staff volunteers that operate our website & forum, handle membership applications/issues, keep track of points and form our review board.  These individuals donate their time to run the league and also can perform the role of pit bosses at our tournament tables so please show them respect and listen to their requests.  A full list of staff is found on our Forum.


Please feel free to forward any questions to



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